10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon

Drive interest to the sale of your home utilizing our private listing network with access to details on exclusive homes not currently active.



Selling your home? Listing your home as Private Exclusive with 10-POINT-O Inc. delivers pre-market access, through our agent network, to homes not found on the MLS or similar systems. Further marketing your home as Coming Soon will give agents and their buyers a heads up that your home is about to hit the public market. Drive pre-market offers with exclusive marketing and gain that edge on the market before officially launching.

What Can 10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon Do for Your Listing?

Increase Exposure

Positioned on the 10-POINT-O Inc. homepage and prioritized in search results, 10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon listings are the first homes buyers see when they visit 10-point-o.com. Not only are these listings promoted site-wide, but they may be featured in both national and regional marketing campaigns.

Generate Buzz

10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon allows you to bring your home to market sooner with differentiated print, digital, and social media marketing materials designed to pique buyers' interest. When it's ready to go live on the broader market, you'll have the opportunity to launch your listing for the second time, attracting even more attention.

Deliver Market Insights

Take advantage of the pre-marketing period by previewing your home to a high-interest audience as a 10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon. It's the perfect time to assess pricing and gather buyer feedback - in most places, without accumulating days on market.

How Does 10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon Work?

  1. While your home is being prepped for market, your 10-POINT-O Inc. agent will preview your property to buyers on 10-POINT-O Inc. internal agent network.
  2. Your agent will develop a 10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon marketing campaign featuring social media, emails, print materials, and more to drive the most traffic possible to your listing.
  3. Based on these efforts, your agent can identify the right audience for your listing and gain pricing insights.
  4. Then, once your listing prep is complete, your agent will create an official launch on the broader active market designed to attract a larger agent audience and ultimately a wider buyer pool.

Success Stories

Laura A & Marie S., Agents | Coastal San Diego Area

"Several of our clients and I have prepared their property listing with an aggressive price as a Private Exclusive and Coming Soon with 10-POINT-O Inc. brokerage. Many agents inquired about the homes details, on behalf of their buyers, and submitted over asking price offers, including several all cash offers, within days. My clients have said consistently this approach was the easiest, no hassle sale they’ve experienced!"

Early to List. Fast to Sell. Exclusively with 10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon.

Hear from Our Agents:

The Case for 10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon
Hear from Our Agents:

10-POINT-O Inc. Coming Soon is subject to local MLS restrictions and is offered with compliance to regional MLS restrictions and rules. Coming Soon listings may simultaneously syndicate to reciprocal CRMLS systems. 10-POINT-O Inc. offers no guarantee or warranty of results.

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