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Staging and prepping your home is essential for a successful sale. When you are marketing your home, first impressions can make or break your home sale. Staging provides that wow factor, intriguing buyers to come view your property. Styling your home properly allows a buyer to imagine your home as their own. From minor changes to de-cluttering, furniture rearranging, room restyles, to full scale upgrades, we ensure that your property will be presented in the way buyers see themselves living. The return on investment is proven time and again, bringing sellers the highest and best offers. 



Styling a home for a client is a collaborative effort; together we determine how best to utilize their space and enhance what inspires them. Our consultation provides strategy and a project plan to ensure the design meets the results desired. We offer our exclusive ‘Restyling Done for You’ package, which can be accomplished for little to no budget.



Our design efforts ultimately create what the client's imagine through color, furniture, arrangement, and accessories through style and functionality. Our consultation includes a walkthrough of your space and our initial design analysis. We will help you define your design project, your needs and functionality for the space, and your designer will then build a concept creation and implementation plan from that starting point.



We have a passion for working on renovation projects, strategizing the return on investment, conceptualizing the design plan, and project management. We ensure quality and trust by making sure each project has an experienced management team and collaborative partnerships. 


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It is proven that a renovated property that’s listed for sale, will not only show better, but more importantly strategically upgrading a home will bring in the highest and best offers. Our team has the vision and design know-how to make your upgrade project a success. 

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We appreciate that selling and buying property is a very personal endeavor and we strive to make it a great experience! We build trust with each client through a commitment to their needs, strong communication, and exceptional service. Our mission is Connecting Lifestyle & Home™.